Our Beliefs

Our educational program is based on four core beliefs.

1. All students can achieve at the highest levels.
Students rise to and exceed our expectations.  We believe unequivocally that every student is capable of achieving at the highest levels, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or previous academic achievement.  This belief is central to our mission.  Therefore, we provide every student at Baton Rouge College Prep with a free, public, academically rigorous, college preparatory education.

2. All students can achieve in a highly structured, rigorous, joyful school environment.
Students learn best in a highly structured, joyful environment that provides appropriate challenge and rigor.  Our systems, routines, procedures, and discipline create a school where students and teachers can focus on learning.  We work hard every day to achieve great things, and we explicitly teach strong character to build the habits and mindsets that drive success in college and in life.  We believe that learning is joyful, and we celebrate our accomplishments and growth.

3. All students can achieve when given appropriate supports.
All students can achieve at the highest levels when they have the right supports.  To ensure that all students meet our high expectations for academics and behavior, we have an extended school day and year.  More time allows for more daily supports, focused on individual student needs.  We use data to make sure that each student is growing and to close gaps quickly.  We design our school environment to meet students’ growing needs for independence and responsibility.

4. All students can achieve when they have great teachers.
Without great teachers, nothing else matters.  Though our mission, curriculum, and school culture are the foundation of excellence, our teachers are the key to student success.  We are committed to finding, supporting, and keeping the best teachers in the nation to serve our students.  With exceptional teachers, we achieve exceptional results.  Our teachers partner with families to ensure that we are supporting students and delivering one consistent message: college is the goal.