Our Team

Leadership Team

R. Allmon, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

T. Cyprian, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

M. Hansell, School Counselor

H. Harris, Dean of Students

M. Johnson, Director of Operations

K. Porter, Dean of Students

K. Rice, School Director

J. White, Student Supports Coordinator


Instructional Team

A. Blake, PE/Digital Literacy

X. Bindon, ESS Mathematics

S. Brooks, Science/Social Studies

C. Casma, ESS

S. East, PE

F. Ernest, Literacy

A. Mathis, Mathematics

S. McCall, ESS Mathematics

R. Moore, Literacy

L. Morman, ESS Literacy

B. Overton, Mathematics

M. Washington, Digital Literacy

J. Watson, Social Studies

T. Williams, ESS Literacy

Z. Williams, Literacy

N. Woods, Mathematics


School Support Team

C. Armstrong, Operations Intern

J. McManus, Operations Intern

B. Turner, Enrollment / Family Coordinator

M. Gaines, Social Worker

St. Gabriel Health Clinic


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