BRCP Press Release


August 14, 2014Baton Rouge College Preparatory Charter School, a tuition-free, open admission college preparatory public charter school serving students in 5th grade through 12th grade, was approved by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education on August 13, 2014. Baton Rouge College Prep, established to serve students in Baton Rouge, will open its doors to 60 fifth grade and 60 sixth grade students in August of 2015. BRCP is a Baton Rouge middle school for students and families who want to prepare for success.

At Baton Rouge College Prep, Academics + Character = Success. The mission of Baton Rouge College Prep is to equip all students in grades five through twelve with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to excel in college and in life.

“College will open the doors to opportunity for our students,” says Kathryn Rice, Lead Founder of Baton Rouge College Prep. “We believe that all children, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, zip code, or prior academic achievement, can achieve at high levels.  We are preparing our students, starting in fifth and sixth grade, to graduate from high school with the rigorous academic foundation and the strength of character essential to success in college and in life.”

Baton Rouge College Prep will provide a high quality college preparatory education beginning in middle school.  Baton Rouge College Prep utilizes proven best practices from high-performing urban charter schools across the country: a longer school day and year, an intensive focus on literacy and math, great teachers driving results, a disciplined and joyful school culture, explicit character development, partnerships with families, and targeted supports for every student throughout the day.  “Education has the power to transform lives,” says board chair Buster Kantrow. “We will be following the lead of schools that have shown that in the right learning environment, students can rise to meet high expectations.  We look forward to welcoming our first cohort of students in August 2015.” 

Baton Rouge College Prep is grateful for the local support of New Schools for Baton Rouge and a network of community supporters.  Lead Founder Kathryn Rice has been supported nationally by Building Excellent Schools, a school creation program that trains high capacity individuals to design, found, lead, and sustain urban charter schools of uncompromising excellence. More information can be found at

Baton Rouge College Prep will be accepting applications for its inaugural fifth and sixth grade classes beginning in January of 2015.  120 total seats are available for the classes of 2026 and 2027, the years our first cohorts of scholars will graduate from college.  Parents seeking information about enrollment and individuals wishing to help support the work of Baton Rouge College Preparatory Charter School should contact Lead Founder Kathryn Rice at 225.257.9180 or email her at[email protected]